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Thursday, 31 January 2013

excited + worried = feelingless

i feel so so dull now. feeling less. you know why? its because in half an hour i gonna meet my supervisor (which is good) but it will be either disaster to my report after this or just a light wind to it. i hope that the structure of the report stays! pleaseeee.... because i have finalised everything except for checking my design values!!! arggghhh... its lik between do or die. or whatever. so, this makes me so so not happy now. it's worrying me a lot now. but chill, every problems have solution!

the second thing is that my hubby is coming tonight !!! :))) i should be excited because i have been missing him for this whole week :) but.. the mix of worried+excited has neutralised my feeling. I just wana follow the current. I don't care anymore!!!

if i get 60+, i will still be happy :))

good luck to all!

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