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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Welcome back to me!

Dear blog,

It has been two years since my last time updating this blog. goshhh there is so much changes my life already. When I wrote last post, I may be alone in a room in Sheffield but now look at me, I am a mommy to a son named Ahmad Mukhlis. how the time flies... My life after having a son is like 360deg change I would say but in a fun way.

Few obvious changes:

- No longer a student but an engineer at our national oil and gas company.
-Yay alhamdulillah finally got to live under the same roof with my husband in Bangi, bye2 to LDR.
- From two of us in a house for one year and now 3 with the little one
- also has got chance to become a full time housewife, something which i used to wish for :D and I know how it is like to become one.
-Talking about career, I really love my job as a process engineer, getting to do what I am interested with is so fun. Got to learn so many new things from coaching and projects in the office. I really pray to Allah that one day I can be a specialist in this field.

My time to write is so limited now due to extra attention required to be spent for my little one, unless when he sleep :) that is a bonus time when I can cook, enjoy my meal and do some chatting.

Till we meet again,