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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Home Sweet Home :))


lama giler rasa tak update blog ni... bak kata suami saya, "blog awak dah bersawang tu".. hehe..
Alhamdulillah dah 2 minggu aku di Malaysia..alhamdulillah dah sihat dari demam dan batuk.. agak terkejut dengan cuaca yang super panas dek jerebu yang sangat teruk..

alhamdulillah sebab Allah bagi kekuatan untuk aku berdiri teguh sekarang. walaupun kadang2 rasa sedikit awkward akan perubahan yang Allah takdir, tapi Allah iring aku dengan kekuatan... Allah sumber kekuatan aku :))

Alhamdulillah jugak untuk result 3rd year yang aku tahu dari personal tutor aku, dia cakap again result aku excellent. dia happy untuk aku. alhamdulillah, sangat2 aku tak sangka aku masih dapat kekalkan result first class :) yang lebih bestnye , ranking aku dalam kelas sangat mengejutkan.. tak sangka sangat I came 4th in the class, di belakang 3 orang anak orang putih. alhamdulillah, mungkin ni rezeki orang yang dah kahwin kot :)) apa2 pun, semua ni pemberian Allah ...

Aku harap suami aku pun bersemangat jugak untuk lebih berjaya dalam pelajaran..

Emm.. agak looser, actually aku ni baru terkedek2 nak buat driving licence..ehee.. inshaAllah rabu ni dapat lesen L. then, awal august boleh la test JPJ untuk lesen P .. hehe..

and another one good news, alhamdulillah..internship yang aku 'hunt' like crazy akhirnya aku dapat jugak.. inshaAllah August-September ni aku mula internship di Sapurakencana Petroleum Lumut :) rezeki untuk aku menimba pengalaman untuk jadi engineer :))

hari ni 30 june dah... kalau tahun lepas, at this moment aku tengah sibuk dengan persediaan untuk berkahwin... lagi 5 hari, genap setahun usia perkahwinan kami... alhamdulillah, sampai sekarang, aku rasa beruntung sangat2 jadi isteri kepada suami tercinta, Ahmad Faiz :)) I love you, abg..

okay.. setakat ni je untuk kali ni, sekarang nak pergi berlatih bawa motor jap.. dah hampir setahun tak bawa motor... rasa trauma semacam tengok motor.. hmm..

and lepas ni jugak nak ajar adik tuisyen..

okay.. see you again!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dream Car

Just to share

This is my dream car :)

Planning to buy BMW 5 series next year!  :)) can't wait to have one since i've been dreaming to own BMW since school :)

and my hubby is willing to help me to fullfil my dream.. hopefully, my dream comes true :) inshaAllah..

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Alton Tower :D :D

Hah.. finally, after been planning and cancelling so many times since first year, we did it today! such an awesome trip with classmates! having so much fun today..

Such as stress relief when we went after final exam:)

Hopefully, this would be our sweet memory together! 

You guys really made my day!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Exactly one month from now! First Anniversary :D

Alhamdulillah and thank You to Allah for such a blessed marriage :)

Thanks Allah for granting me a very lovely husband.. I am so grateful to have him as my husband! He is the best husband!

Dear hubby,

I love you , fillah..

I really really hope that we can be husband and wife again in Jannah :) together with our dearest ma ayah mak and abah and all the sibling!

That's the ultimate dream ever!

I know I made many mistake to you, I know you always forgive me...

What can I say is I always miss you, and I will always love you till the end of my life.

your wife..

That's the End of 3rd Year

This is:

Proper saying of goodbye to our friends who graduating this year
Proper Post-exam celebrartion
Proper celebration of finishing 3rd year

We had a memorable, epic picnic today! I believed that It would be the most remarkable picnic ! why? because out of nowhere, in the middle of picnic, suddenly we all got chased away of the park by the park warden.

we was like "what's happening?? " everybody moved away... they moved all the stuff and clear the park.

I looked at the sky.. I saw a helicopter passing the park. I was like.. "helicopter? whats actually happened"

Suddenly I heard a voice " look, we got chased out because there are people doing bbq over here,
we can't bbq here"

and I also heard from one of my friend "we're going to die..." haha.. so funny..

Suddenly, the sound of helicopter engine getting louder and louder, and our stuffs are flying around! We ran under the tree! then "ooo, there is hospital nearby, this must be an emergency case"

there was BBC crew with big video cam, then again.. we guessing so many things, why with BBC? who is the sick person? public figure? bla3..

haha. so epic ending of our picnic!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I did it .. Finished my third year

Alhamdulillah..The most gratitude to the Almighty Allah, my Love.

Alhamdulillah.. the feeling of relief when the last exam went well.. Even though, as a whole my final year exam wasn't as I expected, but I don't care anymore. as I know that Exam is not everything  Exam alone doesn't make a good engineer. It is the knowledge that you gain throughout the year more matter.   This is not the saying of backing up my back. This is what I supposed to think from the beginning.
I did it :)

Alhamdulillah... third year is finished. that means that, I'm getting into my final year soon after summer vacation. and next year, many faces will be no more in the class since they have finished B.Eng. What a long journey to become an Engineer. But, I am so grateful that Allah gave me chance to study in UK. I really love this country so much.

I have got a kind of mixed feeling now.. I'm happy but not entirely happy :) There are many more challenges to come. Life is not just about getting freedom of finishing exam. The sad part is my best friend, Fahad Shabbir is already finished his B.Eng study and moving to London for the work. What an awkward feeling when you used to be so closed as 3 people, and now 1 people leave. It is so much fun to have a best friend, but when the time to leave comes, that would be your saddest part. That's friendship that we never can buy.

Done with 3rd year, then what? Throughout this semester, I have ignored many bad feeling because I know that I have to do well for this year. I have been pretending that I am okay, been pretending that I am not sad, but now soon after the exam, all the feeling is chasing me. That really made me thing what is actually the meaning of life? I can throw away as much feeling as I can when I have to focus on something, but when that something gone, then what? It is not as simple as that.

I used to give advice for those who tell me that they are not strong, and I simply can give so many speech as in I will be strong if I were in their shoes. In fact, those who seek for advice and had faced it is the winner. I'm not yet a winner. feel so looser when my turn has come and I feel like turning back. What a life.

What comes to my mind today is "life is like give and take" and life has been always like give and take. It just me who just noticed it now. It is like , when Allah gives you so much happiness last time, this time Allah gives so much sadness. When Allah gives you someone, then Allah took someone that you already had. It's a kind of balancing. happy and sad take turn to feel your heart. Sometimes, Allah makes you sad, then Allah makes you happy, then sad, then happy, and the cycle goes on...

But, at the end of the day, the real happiness is when we all managed to get into the heaven. That's the ultimate dream of all the people in the world.. Really wanna see all the people that I love leave happily ever after.

And now, it is the time for me to have a break from reading the engineering book :) Time to read other kind of book :) Time to make my time useful as I am already an adult. I have to really make my time useful for the akhirat sake and dunia sake and for Allah and human beings.

Life is give and take. Life would be so hard if people are selfish.