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Friday, 1 February 2013

I am the happiest person today!

Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah...

Now I believed that my calculations are totally correct after checking with my supervisor! I am very lucky to have such a brilliant and helpful supervisor! I really2 learn a lot of thing from this design project :)) now the worried has gone. It just that I have to edit my report now.

And 4 hours from now , I will be seeing my hubby! I miss him very muchhh...

And also special thank to my best friend, Fahad Shabbir for helping me cooking dinner today :) i never think of having such a good friend ever! and today is the happiest day for him to as he got conditional offer from Uni of Manchester to pursue his Master! :)) and on the same day, he already print out and bind the design project report. haaaa... it left with me and audrey now struggling in library.

back to work!

What a blessed day! May Allah ease.

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