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Monday, 7 January 2013

balik malaysia tahun ni?

last two consecutive winters, at this hour i was very excited searching for airplane ticket to go back home. during first year winter, i was very excited to come back home for the first time ever in my life. i was very excited buying a lot of stuff for my family. for the second year, i was even more excited to go back to get married. the moment that i was waiting and counting days the most. i was very excited to go back. i was among earliest who went back home.

now, i am struggling with report and just not bother about counting days. it is not that i dont bother to go back. i will definitely go back to see my family, i always miss them. the thing is that my hubby doesnt want to go back and i have to go back alone, thats somehow demotivate me of when exactly i should go back. but, on top of my head i am planning to go back on mid july after graduation of my my friends who graduate in july. and i also wanna spend some free time with my hubby before i leave him here, in uk.

my summer will be divided into two now. i will be fine, i have a family here which is my dear hubby.


time to continue doing my report!

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