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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quite a stressful day

I just realised that I might not be able to fully satisfy my supervisor. I did what is being told. It just that sometimes things are not turning up in a desired way. For these critical 2 days left, I will push everything out and try to present it in a proffesional way.

I really miss someone today badly. But that person might have something else more important to think of. its okay. I was very sad that I have to face the consequence. what has happened to day really remind me of this saying:

“ Bersahabat dengan penjual minyak wangi, kita akan menerima percikan wangiannya, manakala bersahabat dengan tukang besi, percikan apinya akan mencarikkan baju kita.”

The best part of the day, when I miss someone badly that the someone is busy with other business. there is someone texted me and say, i miss you :) it somehow made me cry, but i just ignore the feeling of crying. i am somehow feel better when i know there is someone who think about me.. :) if not, i always say to myself that you have no one. that's rubbish.

okay. back to work.
tak semestinya apa yang kita nak kita mesti dapat. tak semestinya bila kita rindu seseorang, seseorang tu mesti penuhi kehendak kita. stop memaksa orang.

have a nice day to everyone.
may Allah bless.

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