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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Design Project!!!

Serius rase tired, stress, depressed, overwhelmed sekarang. kan best kalo ade pantai kat Sheffield nii. bila stress boleh pergi main2 kat pantai and then jerit kuat2.. puas hati. aiseyhh.. trase tepu giler sekarang niii.. tak tahu dah nak taip ape dalam design project report nii.. sebenarnye banyak je lagi kene type(sangat banyak kottt), it's just that my brain has stop working actively. It becomes lazy to think critically at the moment.

mane tak tepunyer.., dah lebih 10 jam aku bertapa di library nii.. sekeliling aku kedengaran bunyi orang type je..  @_@.. eyes so tired, I wanna go back home now!! i wanna watch Omar Series or read something beneficial to my general knowledge.. oh please..

 I feel so not happy with this thing. But, sometimes I do feel happy and excited to see the increment of pages that I have typed. Yes, I do.. for today, I have wrote few pages.. few? yes... only few.. it's very hard to produce even a sigle page! trust me.. imagine how hard my life is.. sobs.. I have to be grateful that I have no exams for this semester. but, still I dont expect much of my report. Sounds like giving up? not really indeed.. I always come to library every morning with new resolution. It just that I know how high is the expectation of my supervisor. very high! he is American, growing up in California. A very high critical thinking person that always work on practical basis, the way he thinks make me crazy. I am not that smart to be under him actually. Now, I under estimate myself.. (kalo hubby bace ni habis I)

come on azah! you used to be a quite smart student especially in maths! yes, i am crazy in maths. i have no idea how come I got 99% in maths exam during second year of degree. that's the crazy part of me. but, this design is totally different things!! aahhhh... i think i just think too much about it. tomorrow i will come to library with a fresh mind with a better progress for my report. yeah!

tired face @_@ in library.

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