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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

the real final year hasn't started

Dear blog,

I'm currently in my department. Relaxing, keep checking my email, waiting for the email from my supervisor because he said that he will email me the date of our first meeting. Just confidently dropped one module and replace it with other module that I think will make my life easier.

Today is the second day, the class which was supposed to be 2 hours ended up only 45 minutes, then now i just sitting, chit chatting, searching, emailing friends, and now i don't feel like doing anything.

yesterday has been so remarkable to us. i think i would call it as an epic failure where me and my friends did something really silly and it is so embarrassing to tell other people.haha. imagine how shameful it is. lol. we three promised each other to keep it low.. haha.. but im sure one day , 3 of us will recall this silly day.  :D

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