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Thursday, 10 October 2013

useful Tip for FYP

I think today I learn something about doing research project. Throughout the day I feel so so not happy, worried, overwhelmed, with my project which I think has no progress. I keep reading and reading but keep forgetting what I've been reading. Plus, while reading I feel so headache because all the journals I printed contain lots of jargons! It made me feel more and more worried after realising that I am behind the schedule. Well, there is no schedule, but I always refer to my best friend who has a pushy supervisor, who always ask her to send something every week..

So, what I think I can do now is to do whatever she does so that I am on the track. So, now I feel easy because I am currently preparing my project outline.

The tip is, in doing research project, you will feel easy soon after you start typing something. Trust me. So, type something!


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