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Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Final Year Project

Yesterday, I managed to have an initial meeting with my final year project supervisor, Prof. PS.. And yes I am happy to do this project. I called it a research project. I purposely chose this kind of literature review project because of two reasons. 
macbook kesayangan yang memudahkan kerja saya.
Thank You abg for this ^^

First, this is my chance for me to know weather I enjoy doing research. Why? Because I am currently in a big dilema of doing or not doing PhD. arrrrgghhh... People around me really encourage me to do PhD especially me loved husband who frequently ask and ask me about that, and up until now, I still have no answer to them all. sometimes it is 50-50 , and sometimes 60-40 .. haha.. please dont say that I don't have stand. :p this is a big decision for me because it will take a lot of my time, not just a year, but i could be more than 3 years. It's like making a decision to take another degree.huhu... but this is different indeed, the workload, the stress-load are scary to me. but, at the end of the day, all the stress are compensated by the title of Dr. .... Dr. Norazah Muhamad Haisham :)) wahhhh... sounds so nice. *daydreaming*

The second reason of doing literature review project is : to be honest, I am tired of playing with numbers! hahaha.. I have been dealing with excel a lot since last year when I was doing my Design Project and up until working with SapuraKencana Petroleum. Oh... excel, can I stop using you for one year? ^_^ So, this time.. I wanna try something else.

my new peeps
And just now, I did some reading on "Encik Wiki" about my project, been reading for more than 3 hours, but gain so little input.. It made me think that even times run faster than what I've manage to learn today. Maybe I expected that I can learn so many things in that 3 hours! over expected. And now, it's already midnight and my brain is tired already. hopefully, I can continue my research early in the morning. Anyway, I cant sleep until I have some talk with my husband, waiting for him to call me, he is super busy now, like always :)) 

Back to the research project story, there is one thing that I want to achieve for this 9-month project. that is I want to produce a so-called 'research paper'.. cehh, aim so high mehh. hahaha.. tak salah kannnn... *don't laugh at me*... i know it sounds so impossible, oh please trow away the negative thought. Like always, I aim high so that I get the satisfaction... if my aim is already low, I might end up regretting something..nauzubillah...

so, the story begins...

And this is where I belong bak kata suami saye.. hehe.. gambar di Weston Park, Sheffield.. taken using my Iphone5, no editing..
Selamat menyiapkan Research Project!
May Allah ease the journey of my Master of Engineering.
May Allah guide me to be a responsible Engineer.
May Allah bless..
May Allah be the guidance in every single moment of my life..

good night UK
good morning Malaysia

Assalamualaikum :)

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