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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Western lunch for today!

After long time have been eating rice and all the asian foods, today I changed my mood.. Enough sacrificing.. hehe.. no laa.. actually my stomach caused me a problem last few weeks. My doctor said that there is a problem called "acid indigestion" happens in my stomach that I always feel so painful after eating. Some other doctors said that it is heartburn, gastric, ... 

But, both my mums said that it is due to 'excessive' gas in the stomach. my aunty also said so. 3 people said about the same thing! My mother-in-law even said that it is due to the habit of drinking isotonic drinks. how come ma knows that? thats my bad habit. anyway, I admit it. my pepsi stocks have been in the fridge since months ago. has to stop that bad habit, but last night "i terminum juga.. siap buat float lagi tuuu.. naughty.." .. can't help. 

Need to really care about my health. but, the point now is i believed with what mak, ma and aunty said. Now, it is proven that all the pain is due to excessive gas in the body.. i'm no longer meeting my doctor because my doctor is now my hubby :)) He has helped me a lot. such a wonderful hubby!

My hubby is my doctor!  off topic.

This is the food that I ate just now for lunch. It is lasagna! so nyummyyyy and cheesyyyy. haha.. fat tummy now. :)) and down here is the dessert, some caramel ice-cream dessert.. nyum2

The best thing about this EFES restaurant is that the price is relatively cheaper compare to others. seriously. and the foods are not bad especially this lasagna. it cost only around £4 :) no need to bake myself anymore. hehe. sweet escape.

okay. will write again later :)

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