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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What is your motivation to wake up early to class? Self-reliance?


Hari Selasa yang tak berapa nak indah. hehe. Seperti biasa, hari Selasa kena bangun awal sebab kelas pukul 9 pagi. Susahnye la awak nak bangun awal kan? dah pukul 8.30 pagi still baring atas katil dan siap boleh fikir lagi "aku ni nak pergi kelas ke tak ni" "kalau aku sambung tidur, pukul brape aku nak bangun? next class pukul 2pm".. 

Memikirkan diri aku yang pelukan pushing factor setiap kali untuk bangun pagi (eg: kelas) dan juga memikirkan ilmu-ilmu yang bakal disampaikan oleh lecturer pada pagi ni (walaupun kelas tersebut agak bosan), aku gagahkan diri untuk bangun.. this is called 'motivation to wake up'. Motivation datang dari diri sendiri. orang lain hanya boleh pesan pada kita, nasihat kita, tapi kita yang buat keputusan. Pagi-pagi lagi dah dilema kan. Boleh pulak dilema padahal malam tadi "aku kene tido awal ni, esok nak bangun awal" :)

Self-reliance is the key component to survive, especially in the competitive  educated, talented society where we have to be at the same level as them. Sometimes, we do rely on people to do many things especially in study, doing assignments, figuring out things, problem solving. Being too dependent on people is somehow limit our thinking skill, survival skill, and being in the state where we are less confident with ourselves! Plus, we might end up with not utilising our ability to think, ability to solve this and that by our own. Actually, today, in the morning lecture, I just realise that I am not being self-reliance. 

Like in the photo above says:

"sometimes you have to move on without certain people. If they are meant to be in your life, they'll catch up "

We couldn't expect the same person to be in the same path with us all the time. Different people is meant to do different things. It just that sometimes, there is a coincident where we find someone who always share the same thought and path with us BUT eventually we might end up in different path. At that point, we need to have a fixed stand to decide on something based on our belief!

But still, sometimes, we as human do need people to be around with us, by our side. Yes, we are human, we are not perfect to do everything on our own. what's the use of living in a society if we not cooperate? hehe.. but sometimes, in some particular matter, we might not be able to have people around to help us, at this point again we need to be self-reliance ^_^ 

Self-reliance somehow sounds like a back up skill in ourselves. :) well, it depends on how people interpret it and also the situations which affect the needs of it.

Getting ready for the next class. A quite boring class also, but again motivation is required here. grab the knowledge no matter how boring it is! you need a teacher to learn all this. If not, what's the point of your sponsor paying such big amount of money on your tuition fee?? You, educated people, think. :) 

bak kata mak saya "otak kene selalu jalan" means "in everything you do, you must always think"


Selamat menuntut ilmu, selamat bekerja, selamat berkempen. 
PRU 13 is around the corner.


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