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Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter break is over !

salam to all :)

easter break 2013 *cuti sudah habis*

The most waited easter break has ended. Today, on Sunday, I feel so gloomy as I have to leave my hubby. I always say to him that I don’t want to go back to Sheffield. I feel so so happy, contented, peaceful, etc. staying with him. This is the most unwanted moment where I had to pack all my stuff and go away. But what can I do. This is my life. My time with hubby is so limited. Anyway, Alhamdulillah for all this. I should be the most grateful one as I have the most wonderful hubby of mine :D

The first week of easter break has been spent in Sheffield where I was planning to study before having fun in Bristol. But ended up very lazy, staying in the room, online online and don’t bother to touch book. Then, on Friday 22/3 I wen to Bristol. It was snowing so heavily in Sheffield on that day. My mood was so mixed by the snow weather and the feeling of lazy to leave room. In two weeks, we didn’t plan anything. Every trip that we went was ad-hoc. Went to visit the Stonehenge turned out to be a funny trip. Haha.. still wonder why we so eager to see the very old stones.

Then during the weekend, we went to London for two nights. This was a very awesome trip! Thanks hubby for your precious time with me.. and then staying at home, and now time to go back to my real life.

Sheffield, here I come with a heavy-hearted. sobs..

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