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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Goodbye Sheffield


Finally, my winter break is officially started today!! others dah balik melancong, saye baru nak start.. sobs.. and i was so struggle starting my reports this whole week. and now i wanna change mood.. will be going to Bristol by tain in two hours from now. Hello hubby!

alhamdulillah hari ni dah taip around 5 pages of the reports. very slow progress rite? in 5 days, i just manage to write only 5 pages? haha.. it is not that easy to produce a single page of it. need to read, read and read from many sources, and need also have a good mood to write it. and also condusive environment. banyak pulak and nyer.. sememangnya design project ini kadang-kala meneronokkan tetapi most of the time? stressssss.... imagine setiap pagi pergi library and balik malam.. 8-10 hours per day.. why so kelam kabut ni?

actually, ni bukan kelam kabut.. tetapi memang dah behind the schedule. :( sepatutnye dah start benda ni like a month ago.. but, the department provides us with so many other assignments that distract us! ahhh!

okay, now its time to do packing :) bahagianya nak jumpe suami <3 lepas ni mesti lebih semangat nak siapkan report..

can't wait for 27 December! our second honeymoon in Istanbul.. inshaAllah... bukan honeymoon nak suka2 jerr... no.. nak porgi belajar sejarah :) so that there is something to be learnt and something to be story to our childs later in the future.... (kuat berangan betul).. semoga Allah memudahkan perjalanan kami nanti.. and harap2 sangat dapat rase snow kat Istanbul.. nak tengok hubby happy.. it will be his first time :)) i miss snow, sincerely...

To my sayang, wait for me k! I will be there in Bristol soon :) I always wanna be by your side <3

view from my university library

see you again!

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