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Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Internship Story

Salam and Hi to all,

It's been long time :) I was quite busy with so many matters which I had to settle before coming back to uk. so, here is some of my sharing of the summer internship placement :) happy reading.

Even though internship went not so long, but the experience gained matter so much, I would say. It is something that we have to face ourselves. Now, at least I’ve got the idea of how is the life of an engineer. The internship managed to widen my thought on working life. Working life is not as I thought before, it depends on which company you working for, how big is the company, how big is the project, etc. The knowledge that I gained so far from college and university is hardly applied, haven’t applied it at all and I believe that the people in the industry faced the same. What is required is "SKILL". this is my point of view; the degree that we hold just make us stand out, but to work as an engineer, it requires skill. That’s why some people said that if someone has no degree but has got the skills required, that someone can also do the engineering work.

The second thing, I have seen the importance of knowing someone in the industry, meaning to say: having connection. Things can become easy if there is someone who could help you. Long procedures can becomes short when there is connection. This is a real life situation. No wonder why some people couldn’t be bothered to really follow all the created long procedure as long as they sure that there is no big harm behind it.

For my internship, I've been working in the largest oil and gas company in Malaysia. I worked in the engineering department. Almost everyday, I see all of them busy with the projects. Working in big company like this has shown me different kind of working style. It made me see many types of people. From my first day (induction day), till the last day, I know which kind of people make things easy and which make things difficult, also which is highly motivated and which cant be bothered, etc. 

As a chemical engineering student, I really looking forward to having some chit chat with chemical engineering graduates over there. I managed to bump into few people who really did chemical engineering in uni but currently are not doing chem eng work. That sector that I worked is dealing with fabrications of materials, manifolds, subsea distribution hub, etc. Thus, the engineers over there mostly are mechanical, piping, suction, etc. Even chem eng graduates will end up doing other type of engineer works. Meaning to say, the are not chemical engineer there. haha... Something to ponder so much. I kept thinking about that as I really dont want to do others profession, currently. 

Doing internship exposed me to the real working life, this shall help me to make up my mind weather to  pursue my PhD.  hhmm.. seriously I am having no fixed answer currently. 

To my dear husband, sorry eh sebab sy tak boleh nak decide lagi :) sabar k... 

There are many more to be shared here, will try to write them next time k ^_^

Thanks for reading !


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