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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Hari ni 27 February, 2 hari lepas birthday adik saya, Abdul Halim Nasir..

umur Halim dah 13 tahun. wahhh cepatnya masa berlalu, kenapa aku rasa aku static ja tapi adik2 aku begitu cepat membesar. my adik is no longer budak2.. he is teenager now. and I used to spend much time with him when he was in primary school. now, when he started to study in borading school, he is the one which i spent time the least. this is so sad. i still remember my last day at home before flying back to uk back in 2012 i guess, he was spending full day with me at home, we did so many activities together. how awkward i feel now when i could only spend few days with him in last year :((

that is why i really wanted to be at Malaysia sometimes because i really wanna be in touch with all of my siblings, and family. i am overly attached to people i loved. i am that kind of person. and here in uk, i am too attached to my husband like budak2 until sometimes i do feel that i am not being independent. and this is not a good thing.

however, this is just about living a life. in term of study, i am able to rely on myself because my husband does not understand what am i doing. he is studying something else at different university. so, i am happy that at least i could rely on myself, not totally on him.

hhmm... back to the story, i am so sad that i have not wished halim his birthday because he is at boarding school now. but, few days ago, i received a good new about him that he is qualified to represent PERAK for marathon at national level in SABAH :) i know that he is very happy because he really wanted to fly! hahaha... i am happy for you halim. kakak is so proud of you. you and abang have been so awesome. sampai sekolah berebut nak enrol both of you.

also recieved a news that halim wanna change school. i know that this gonna be a big headache to the teachers in your current school as you are their hope to represent your school name. but, i am supporting you to change school based on many uncomfortable stories that i heard before! go, change school! they will care about you better!

okay, and lastly, as kakak sulung, i really wanna all my adiks rajin solat, rajin baca quran dan hormat mak abah. thats it.



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