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Sunday, 16 February 2014

What a life - some reflections of annoying things.

what a life.

today, i feel so annoyed with many things/people/systems! i feel annoyed because people are bothering me, systems are "zalim" and things are happening fishily in front of me. 

life is always up and down, and you got to meet so uncountable kinds of people! you better be sabar as sabar is a sword! here are some reflections!

First, one thing that i've learnt the most about it is that "you just dont expect people like the way you thnik" kadang-kadang untuk benda yang jelas mana betul, mana salah, dan you tahu cara you fikir tu betul, then you should be happy, at least you have got knowledge that makes you think that way.

but, in the case where you people are having conflicts of ideas on something, you just quickly reset your brain and say to yourself that those people are not you, they are different human beings, been raised up with totally different background. that's it. 

the second thing that i learnt the most is that please don't think and expect anyone perfect, perfect like "wow, i like to be friend with you, you're always make my life okay/better" ... seriously, no. only Rasulullah is perfect. therefore, when you are in a closed relation with someone, be it friends or relatives, you just bear in mind that everything will not turn as perfect as you wanted it to be. 

The third thing about life is, if there is people A who talk bad about other people B in front of you, you better just stay away from people A. people A is more dangerous than people B, indeed, sometimes. seriously. i am grateful that so far i am surrounded with educated people who seldomly "mengumpat" . Mengumpat without a legal purpose is so so resembles how bad you are in practising Islam. seriously.

have you ever met someone that dislike you by default. from my experience back in SMK, there is one, or two, or three. back then, i was so noob, and totally clueless of why the hell these people dislike me. and you know what, out of those people, all of them are already becoming my friends expect for one. so, i may concluded that, these people dislike me due to some reasons "ada yang cakap sebab aku pandai dari dorang" or what ever reasons la, i dont care, but the point now is the main problem is you guys belum matang lagi masa tu :) so, i forgive you guys :))

but,  the only one who still dislike me. lets flashback a abit, she was my senior at school, one i got into the school with a pure heart for the sake of studying to achieve my ambition, suddenly out of knowhere i smell some kind of jealousy that comes from her! yes, thats the only reason that i can think of! and i just carry on my life and becoming one of the best students. last year, me and my ex schoolmate bumped into her in a shopping complex, shockingly she talked to my friend like i never exist! she did not even look at me. she pretending that i wasnt there. what! then, i came back, i reflect! then recently i decided to email her and say a bit like " i never have anything to do with you but you seems dislike me, i dont care if people dislike me, but i care if i made wrong to people, so if i made wrong to you back in 10 years ago, please forgive me" after writing that, i feel so relief because i am so sure that , i got nothing to do with her, i just know her nama and her face! to be honest, as i grow 24 now, i have learnt so many things about life, and i just dont care about things that not gonna help me to get into syurga Allah.

i tried to do the best things to not troubling people as i dont like people troubling me. whatever i dont like people doing to me, i will totally avoid from doing so. and please people around me, if you ever notice that i have weakness in something, please dont let me jump into the weakness and ruining my other important things in life.

the last thing about life that i wanna write today is : have you ever met people that search for you when they are in need and leave you/ forget you/ dont care about you when there are happy/ no need your help anymore/ have lots of other friends/stable/ ? if you dont have one, you are lucky because people around you appreciated your existence whenever they happy or not happy. but me, i have few. but,  it's okay. those people might not know the importance of jaga hati orang lain. and these people may having friends that only can hang out when they are happy and started to find someone else when they are sad. whatever it is. i dont care so long as i dont do that to people.

the big lesson to me is, your husband is your best friend ever. he is the one who never jealous of your big success, the person who never envy, who always support you, the person who always wanna look you happy, yes, your husband is your true friends! 

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