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Friday, 21 March 2014

bad examples of 'take it for granted' teachers

today is a good day and a bad day. SPM result for my adik, ashraf has come out today. and yes, i am suprised with his result, he really has done a good job, teachers also suprised by his performance in study. yes, i am happy and he is happy too. but, there is one thing about the result that really 100x pissed me off and spoilt my mood today.i am totally annoyed and really upset. my dad and mum are also upset now. how come the slip show no result for English paper and it has been marked as not attending. why? i really dont get it who on earth has taken this for granted? why? why my adik. it really 100X doest make sense! why? because my adik sat for both English papers and the whole school saw him taking the exam including teachers! all people in the school know my adik because he is oen of well-known student in the school. and english exam has two papers! how come they marked it as not attending. are they trying to say that both of the papers that  my adik has answered were lost from the pile? what ? i am really2 not satisfied! why 100x ?? why my adik????
i am really pissed of because this is not my first time getting upset by this school! earlier this year, i was already pissed of when the cocuriculum mark for my adik is only 5.9 out of 10. hello teacher! you know my adik rite?? the whole school know how active he was rite?? why on earth is the mark is only 5.9 , while others who are just below his level scored more than him. he has represented Perak for many times, been awarded as the best athelit of Perak, representing so many things, travel here and there for the sake of the schoola and state, and you keyed in 5.9 for him?? when i called the teacher, you know what she said? " ooo.. cikgu lupa...kenape dia tak beritahu cikgu awal2"... Allah... dalam hati tuhan je la yang tahu betapa tak pentingnya sorang anak murid tu bila dia dah keluar dari sekolah tuu.. masa dia berjasa dulu, cikgu2 jaga dia, sanggup hadiah dia kasut mahal sebab tak nak bagi dia pindah sekolah... boleh lupe.... hhmmmm... whatever lahhhhh cikgu, you betul, you kan cikgu, so  you sangat2 la mulia!
and there are many more bad stories happened to my adik that i feel like bursting now! i just don want to recall because i am tired with all this! what kind of people they are! #
i am really wanted to know what happened to the English papers! who are the one who are responsible to mark is as not attending, not appreciating that my adik had strived to answer the papers. he wrote many essays at home for the sake of doing the best for his English papers. oh Allah.. i am really2 upset... :(((((
one more bad story today, there was one cikgu, which the story that i heard from my mum has really made me think like "what? is he orang asli? is he really2 ortodok who dont know how to use brain?? " what he did is, one teacher ask him to call my adik becuase my adik got called to represent perak for one event, he did not have my adik's phone number, he tried to find my other brother who is studying there, but he could not find my adik, because my adik was not at school, been training at Ipoh, manjung, here and there, then you know what he did?? he just let the offer go without telling my adik! " imagine!! there are many other teachers in that school who has my adik phone number! even the school record has the contact number of my father!!! whyyy you donno how to use brain? or you maybe has used your brain, but others has lost brain to give you the number???
the point i am writing all this not to 'talk bad without purpose'. i hate what those people did! i hat the deed, not the person! this deeds are so so not supposed to be done by those people. they should be showing that they are a good example to your students.. they really made my adik frustrated many times already. they shouldnt've done this! i dont know their names, because i dont want to know them. i just want to keep in my mind that i am not going to do this to people. this is really a  bad deed.
to teachers out there, please be a good educators, show a good example to all! not only to your students but also to the parenst! i am so so sad to know that my parents are worried now. i am so so sad....  :( please dont do this to other people. if you are a take it for granted person, you please dont be in society, you please live in the jungle. :(((
what now?
my new plan now is to bring out my other adik from that school! (currently in form two in that bloody school).. by hook or by crook, i will 'racun' , pujuk, 'bribe' him to move out from the school, i will do that. i dont want any of my adik2 to be in that school anymore. because i have spotted many attitutes  of 'taking for granted' and 'dont care' about future of students. enough is enough. i will racun everyone at home to ask my adik to get out from the school. the school has shown us many bad attitutes. i dont want by brothers grown up seeing all those. bad environment.
my adik is in sabah now representing Perak. see, all my adik representing Perak. i will wait for him to come back and talk to him about this..

i will fight for this!
i am the eldest kakak to all of them, i know they rely on me! their problem is my problem. look how much the school has spoilt my mood!

i will never let this thing happen to my adikkss again. never!

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