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Friday, 7 June 2013

That's the End of 3rd Year

This is:

Proper saying of goodbye to our friends who graduating this year
Proper Post-exam celebrartion
Proper celebration of finishing 3rd year

We had a memorable, epic picnic today! I believed that It would be the most remarkable picnic ! why? because out of nowhere, in the middle of picnic, suddenly we all got chased away of the park by the park warden.

we was like "what's happening?? " everybody moved away... they moved all the stuff and clear the park.

I looked at the sky.. I saw a helicopter passing the park. I was like.. "helicopter? whats actually happened"

Suddenly I heard a voice " look, we got chased out because there are people doing bbq over here,
we can't bbq here"

and I also heard from one of my friend "we're going to die..." haha.. so funny..

Suddenly, the sound of helicopter engine getting louder and louder, and our stuffs are flying around! We ran under the tree! then "ooo, there is hospital nearby, this must be an emergency case"

there was BBC crew with big video cam, then again.. we guessing so many things, why with BBC? who is the sick person? public figure? bla3..

haha. so epic ending of our picnic!

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