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Friday, 3 May 2013

Got scolded by abah. sobs

calling home today and talk to abah.. Telling him about my future plan... of pHd and jobs applications, all those things. Then, telling him about something that I made up my mind without discussing with them and end up got scolded! *padan la muka you tuuu*... then, I told my best friend that my dad scolded me, then he said "I support your dad for scolding you".. dushh! amek kau.. haishhh....

Why why why.... I'm too bad in making decision, I admit that! i did something that really crazy. It's actually like this. My lecturer offer me to do summer research with him and offered me 1000 pound for 6 months research. Out of nowhere, me and my friends got the email.. oooo... we managed to know that we are top 9 in the class. so, he offered the research scheme to the top 9 students in the class. What a mess. you know.. because the offer came one month after I booked my flight ticket.I was like eerrrr what should I do?? @_@ so headache of making this kind of decision and end up rejecting that offer and choose to go back. you know why, I dont like to call the flight company and talk to them that i wanna change dates, and this and that.. goshhh... and today, i got scolded by abah for not accepting the offer. pity me. so bad in making decision.

"it's your future, how come you simply rejected the offer" -abah-

Luckily, I have come out with some other plan of doing internship.. Alhamdulillah that Allah gives me chance again... hopefully i get the internship... amiin...

okay.. should've been more matured in making decision next time.

I have a lot of plan currently! but they are all causing headache. was thinking of do B.Eng and Apply funding for Msc. who gonna fund you azah! your JPA surely dont want to layan you. dreaming je la..

okay,, time to cook and packing my staff! bye Sheffield!!!

going to see my hubby!!! yey!!!

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