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Friday, 13 December 2013

Funny Friday

Haha.. nak gugur jantung hari >_< boleh pulak la sorang cousin kesayangan ni cakap dia suka kat i since first time he met me, masa tu i dah sekolah menengah and sekarang baru nak cerita. wakaka. cerita sekadar suka2 je la... hati tetap pada pasangan masing2 yang sekarang of course! hahahah... mengarut betul la... dah la hari jumaat nii.. org baru nak rehat2, nak tenangkan fikiran, ade je yang nak buat lawak kan :D :D

Tahun depan dia nak kahwin :) err i rasa i patut datang tutup muka time tuuu .....seriously kelakar gile bila cousin suka cousin :D

Now, nak cakap pasal sem ni... huagggrrrr... actually assignment belum siap lagi, ade dua submissions next week ok! and today, another assignment will be released! haaahh.. working like robot these few days. staying at IC for nearly 10 hours everyday, alone! thats sounds so stressful and indeed it is sftressful. this is all for the sake of learning something. If i dont bother to explore and really learn, I would not work this hard. but today, i feel like taking one day break because it is Friday. Friday is a day which I have to reflect my days and reflect everything I did...

This sem really taught me how to be independent. doing work all alone because each and everyone has different project. so we kind of could not discuss as no one understand your project except your supervisor. talking about my final year project, I kind of awkward to bombard questions to him  like I did to other lecturers. may be because the way he answered is kind of simple and doesn't allow enough time for me to generate ideas. and maybe the answers that I got from him is a bit vague thats requires me to get back and think!

and Please, this final year is so scary. Salute to those who managed to grad with first class honour and thats what i have been dreaming since i was in college :D Hopefully Allah grant my prayer.

And I really miss my BMW now. it is all day in Bristol and not coming to sheffield. so sad that I couldn't see it everyday. but its okay. small matter i guess.

okay, i guess I have to read something now. I've got usrah to attend this evening :D may Allah bless us :) keep the heart clean by remembering, worshipping Allah.. reciting and dua'..

have a blessed day!

Salam alaikum :)

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