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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk 2014

Assalamualaikum.. hello again my blog.. it's been long since my last update. too many things to catch up on te few weeks before 2013 ending. currently, i am in my lovely sometimes annoying second home which is IC (main library of my university). to be honest, I am so happy staying in this big warm building all day all week. the idea of reading and typing in my room is crap. because my room is weirdly cold and i cant bear with it. i've tried already and i ended up sleepy and ready passively which is annoying. therefore, everyday i will make my move to IC to do many things. not only study but also youtubing as i wish.

today, i plan not to type my final year project report as im in the mood to do revision for my only one exam. just now, i saw someone who i guess is typing her report. i saw her face was so monyok like my face all day before when i was typing my research. when i doing my research, i always wondering am i doing a  beneficial work. sometimes i think what i type is rubbish. is this research? questioning myself with no returning anwer. therefore, i just entertain myself by thinking that my reseach is important for me to grad as an engineer. i always want to grad wit first class honour. been getting first class for last three years mean that i have to retain the grade to make my effort in the past three years worth it. rite? however, i always want to learn as much as i could in this final year. so that i am not graduating with a blank mind.

to be honest, the feeling of getting ino new year of 2014 is not that exciting. i am happy as 2013 has passed because it is my most horrible year ever, i would say. the year in which i cried the most and it unconsciously changed my personality from sanguine to plagmatic. i hope i always plagmatic since it suits engineer character.huhh. the sad feeling is about leaving sheffield for good this year, with the permission of the Almighty. ahh.. i cant think of the moment when i take a train and flight and leave this lovely country for good. the moment i waited the most before but now, i feel so not happy to leave this country as i fall in love with this country already. but, if i want to stay leaving here, i have to pursue study. and i dont understand why my sponsor doesnt reply my email yet regarding that. i might end up just follow the current. future is so complicated.

i'm hoping a better year this time. i want to cry no more. i pray for the happiness of my beloved brother. i want to see everybody around me happy. and i want everybody around me always remember Allah as thats the only things that we can call as inner peace. inner peace is priceless. i dont care if you less succeed in your study so long as you are an obedient to parents and Allah. as an eldest daughter, i will always try the best to help my siblings, in all aspects the best i could.

hoping to create and appriciate more moment this year,
may Allah ease.
may Allah bless.

salam from Sheffield, UK

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